The 100th Day of School

On Wednesday, January 25th we will celebrate the 100th Day of School.

Students will design a cape to wear for the day using various objects such as stickers, buttons, bows, ect…

This was my daughter Kaitlyn’s Cape! Have Fun and be creative! 

Students will engage in fun activities throughout the day!

We are 100 Days Smarter!!!


January News

This Month:

Reading/Writing: Students will continue writing F & L Names. They will tap out words and spell simple cvc words in Fundations Unit 3. The class will review the Green sight word list and begin Blue sight words. Students will recognize and blend the sounds in short o words such as: (mop, pot, log)

Math: Students will recognize a penny, nickel, dime, quarter / Students will gather data by counting and using tally marks. 

SS: Students will study the importance and history of Martin Luther King Jr./George Washington/Abe Lincoln

Science: Students will discuss what Animals do in the winter. They will also recognize other seasonal Changes 

  • Review Rainbow Sight Words                                    
  •  Read Nightly -Return R.E.D. Folders and Library Books on Wednesdays   
  • 1/10-Report Cards Issued                                            
  •  1/16-MLK Holiday/No School  

 Stuart, Bentley, & Paul

Winter Break

From my family to yours have a safe and wonderful holiday season!!!

School is closed from 12/22/16-1/3/17

January 3rd-Teacher Workday

January 4th-Students Return

December News

This month…

Reading/Writing: Write Uppercase Letters, CVC Words, Sequence letters in alphabetical order, Begin Green List

Math: Ordinal Numbers 1st-10th/Count by 5’s/10’s-100

SS: Past/Present

Science: Fun Experiments/Investigations

Friendly Reminders:

*Practice Letters/Sounds/Sight Words  

* Please send a snack daily

*Read Nightly and return R.E.D. Folders every Friday.

*New books will only be sent home Mondays and Wednesdays. *Books will not be sent home Dec. 19th

*No Homework Dec. 19-21

birthdayHappy Birthday Ryleigh H.

*Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

*We will see each other again in 2017!


November News

This month…

Reading/Writing: Practice writing names, Letter focus: y, x, z, q, Review Yellow List/Short i word families (sit, pig, fin, lip, fill)

Math: Measurement

SS: Pocahontas/Powhatan/Thanksgiving

Science: Changes overtime       

Friendly Reminders:

*Practice Letters/Sounds/Sight Words  

*November 16th  Interims Issued

*Homework packets are due every Friday! 

*Please send in a daily snack

*November 21st Kindergarten Fall Feast (Information will be sent home)


Happy Birthday Rebecca & Mrs. Isel!!!

*No Homework Nov. 21-22    

*Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!


October News

This Month We Are Learning: 

Reading/Writing: Practice writing names, Letter focus: e, r, p, j, l ,h, k, v, w, Review Red/Orange List/Begin Yellow, Short a word families (cat, bag, ham, can, map)

Math: Making patterns/Identifying numerals           (0-10)

SS: Wants & Needs

Science: Pumpkin Lifecycle, Changes in the Fall season, Sink & Float Experiments    

Happy Birthday: Summer, Jacob, Camille birthday

*Practice Letters/Sounds/Sight Words  

*Field Trip Oct. 21st   

*Permission Form and Money Due Oct. 17th

*Report Cards Issued Oct. 19th

 Parent/Teacher Conferences Oct. 27th 1:15-7:00

September News

This Month We are Learning:
  • Practice writing names, Letter focus: i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s,
  • Red sight wordlist/Begin Orange
Math: Sorting by size, shape, color. Recognizing and extending patterns.
SS: Community Helpers,
Science: Understand the needs of plants and animals                   (Apple Lifecycle)   
Friendly Reminders:
*Practice Rainbow Sight Words Nightly
*Homework packets are due every Friday
*Back to School Night is September 15th    
*Please send in a small snack daily              
Monquill and Jamison        

Welcome to Mrs. Isel’s Class

*Bowling Green Elementary’s Open House is August 11th from 4:00-7:00

*Students will have fun exploring the classroom with a treasure hunt! 

*Please feel free to bring supplies with you to the Open House!

*I look forward to meeting my new students and their families!

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