March News

This month…

In Reading and Writing students will write 2-3 sentences about a topic, review letters and sounds, begin the Indigo sight word list, and review short e words/Begin short u words such as: (bug, cut, fun).

In Math students will learn how to use analog and digital clocks to tell time to the hour, count a collection of pennies and nickels that total up to 10¢, ad learn about fractions: ½ & ¼.

In Social Studies we will learn about Maps and Globes

In Science students will explore Magnets and observe changes as the Spring season begins.

Friendly Reminders:
  • Practice Tapping and Spelling CVC Words                  
  • Review Rainbow Sight Words                                                  
  • Read Nightly                                                                                  
  • Homework Packet Due Fridays
  • Encourage students to complete bonuses & practice spelling independently

 Mrs. Grant, London, Noah

If you have questions/concern please email me at, call 804-596- 2391, or place a note in your child’s folder. Thank you for your continued supportJ