January News

This Month:

Reading/Writing: Students will continue writing F & L Names. They will tap out words and spell simple cvc words in Fundations Unit 3. The class will review the Green sight word list and begin Blue sight words. Students will recognize and blend the sounds in short o words such as: (mop, pot, log)

Math: Students will recognize a penny, nickel, dime, quarter / Students will gather data by counting and using tally marks. 

SS: Students will study the importance and history of Martin Luther King Jr./George Washington/Abe Lincoln

Science: Students will discuss what Animals do in the winter. They will also recognize other seasonal Changes 

  • Review Rainbow Sight Words                                    
  •  Read Nightly -Return R.E.D. Folders and Library Books on Wednesdays   
  • 1/10-Report Cards Issued                                            
  •  1/16-MLK Holiday/No School  

 Stuart, Bentley, & Paul