January News

*Welcome Back and Happy New Year!!!

This month…

Reading/Writing: Practice writing F & L Names, Review Green Sight Word List/Begin Blue Sight Words

Math: Count, recognize, and write numbers 0-20. Recognize and describe part whole relationship up to 5.

SS: MLK History/George Washington/Abe Lincoln

Science: Animals in Winter/Seasonal Change

    Christopher 1/15

Friendly Reminders:

· Review Rainbow Sight Words  

· Read Nightly & Return R.E.D. Folders Weekly 

· Please make sure your child is at school by 8:40 each day

Important Dates:

·  1/12-Report Cards Issued    

· 1/15-MLK Holiday/No School

· 1/24-100th Day of School  (Depending on school closures)


*Please email me at hisel@ccps.us, call 804-596- 2391, place a note in your child’s folder, or contact me through the Bloomz App. Thank you for your continued support!

November News

This month…

Reading/Writing: Practice writing names, Letter focus: y, x, z, q, Review Yellow Sight Word List

Math: Comparing objects by longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, more/less-Identifying one more than any given number to 100 and identifying one less than a given number to 10.

SS: Pocahontas/Powhatan/Thanksgiving

Science: Changes overtime

This Month Happy Birthday to… Mrs. Isel 11/18

Friendly Reminders:

·        Practice Letters/Sounds/Sight Words

·        Homework practice sheets are due every FridayJ 

·        Please send in one snack daily

Important Dates:

·        Nov. 7th– No School/Teacher Workday

·        Nov. 16th-Interims issued

·        Nov. 22nd-24th-No School/Thanksgiving Break

Have a Safe and Happy ThanksgivingJ

Questions/Concerns? Please email me at hisel@ccps.us, call 804-596- 2391, or place a note in your child’s folder. Thank you for your continued support!

May News

This month…

Important Dates:

  • PALS Testing Begins May 1st 

  • Students are also completing Fountas and Pinnell Testing (It is important that they are at school on time each day)

  • May 19th Very Special Show and Tell (Items must be school appropriate and fit in the student’s book bag).

  • May 20th Water Day- Volunteers will be needed. *More information will be sent home soon.

  • May 23rd Year End Celebration @ 2:30 in Mrs. Isel’s Classroom. Invitation will be coming soon.

  • For a complete list of our end of the year events please click: ABC Countdown


Reading/Writing: Students will write 2-3 sentences about a topic, review all sight words and word family words.

Math: Students will counting orally 0-100 and recognize one more and one less than a given number

SS: Students will learn about the history of Betsy Ross and Independence Day

Science: Students will recognize and indentify the Butterfly, Frog, & Plant Lifecycles

*Practice Letters/Sounds/Spelling CVC Word Families

*Review Rainbow Sight Words   

*Read Nightly                         

May Birthdays: Taylor

Summer Birthdays: Jordan, Amelia, Riley, & Tamaira

Questions/Concerns??? You may email me at hisel@ccps.us, call 804-596- 2391, or place a note in your child’s folder. Visit my website at hisel.blogs.ccps.us. Thank you for your continued support. You play the most important role in your child’s success. Thank you for a wonderful school year!

April News

Important Dates:

  • April 7th Field Trip
  • April 8th-17th Spring Break
  • April 19th- ABC Countdown  (click for info)
  • April 27th Field Day-(Our Team Color is Yellow)

    This Month We Are Learning…

Reading/Writing: Students will practice writing 2-3 sentences about a topic. They will review all letters, sounds, and digraphs sh, ch, th, and wh. Students will review the Indigo Sight Word List, and being learning words form the Violet wordlist.

Math: Students will learn Addition & Subtraction using up to 10 concrete objects.

Science: Students will learn about Recycling and discuss Earth Day. Students will also discuss what is Living and what is Non-Living. 

Friendly Reminders:

*Review Rainbow Sight Words

 *Read Nightly  

*Homework Packet Due on Fridays

*Encourage students to complete bonuses and practice spelling independently


March News

This month…

In Reading and Writing students will write 2-3 sentences about a topic, review letters and sounds, begin the Indigo sight word list, and review short e words/Begin short u words such as: (bug, cut, fun).

In Math students will learn how to use analog and digital clocks to tell time to the hour, count a collection of pennies and nickels that total up to 10¢, ad learn about fractions: ½ & ¼.

In Social Studies we will learn about Maps and Globes

In Science students will explore Magnets and observe changes as the Spring season begins.

Friendly Reminders:
  • Practice Tapping and Spelling CVC Words                  
  • Review Rainbow Sight Words                                                  
  • Read Nightly                                                                                  
  • Homework Packet Due Fridays
  • Encourage students to complete bonuses & practice spelling independently

 Mrs. Grant, London, Noah

If you have questions/concern please email me at hisel@ccps.us, call 804-596- 2391, or place a note in your child’s folder. Thank you for your continued supportJ

Dr. Seuss Week

February 27th-March 3rd we are celebrating Dr. Seuss Week! 

Monday-Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday-Wear Green For Dr. Seuss

Wednesday-Mismatch Day

Thursday- Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!!!                 Celebrate by wearing red and white.       Don’t forget to come to our reading night from 6:00-7:15. Kindergarten will have fun games and activities in Room E140. 

Friday- Wear a shirt from a vacation for Dr. Seuss

February News

This month…

Reading/Writing: Practice writing F& L names, Letter focus: Review, Review Blue List, Review Short o words/Begin short e (jet, hen, red)

Math: Graphing/Recognizing and writing numbers 11-20,

Social Studies: Presidents Day/National Symbols

Science: Shadows/Groundhog Day   

Josie & Logan

*Review Rainbow Sight Words 

*Read Nightly

*Homework Packet Due on Fridays

*Encourage students to complete bonuses and practice spelling independently  

The 100th Day of School

On Wednesday, January 25th we will celebrate the 100th Day of School.

Students will design a cape to wear for the day using various objects such as stickers, buttons, bows, ect…

This was my daughter Kaitlyn’s Cape! Have Fun and be creative! 

Students will engage in fun activities throughout the day!

We are 100 Days Smarter!!!


January News

This Month:

Reading/Writing: Students will continue writing F & L Names. They will tap out words and spell simple cvc words in Fundations Unit 3. The class will review the Green sight word list and begin Blue sight words. Students will recognize and blend the sounds in short o words such as: (mop, pot, log)

Math: Students will recognize a penny, nickel, dime, quarter / Students will gather data by counting and using tally marks. 

SS: Students will study the importance and history of Martin Luther King Jr./George Washington/Abe Lincoln

Science: Students will discuss what Animals do in the winter. They will also recognize other seasonal Changes 

  • Review Rainbow Sight Words                                    
  •  Read Nightly -Return R.E.D. Folders and Library Books on Wednesdays   
  • 1/10-Report Cards Issued                                            
  •  1/16-MLK Holiday/No School  

 Stuart, Bentley, & Paul