April News

Important Dates:

  • April 7th Field Trip
  • April 8th-17th Spring Break
  • April 19th- ABC Countdown  (click for info)
  • April 27th Field Day-(Our Team Color is Yellow)

    This Month We Are Learning…

Reading/Writing: Students will practice writing 2-3 sentences about a topic. They will review all letters, sounds, and digraphs sh, ch, th, and wh. Students will review the Indigo Sight Word List, and being learning words form the Violet wordlist.

Math: Students will learn Addition & Subtraction using up to 10 concrete objects.

Science: Students will learn about Recycling and discuss Earth Day. Students will also discuss what is Living and what is Non-Living. 

Friendly Reminders:

*Review Rainbow Sight Words

 *Read Nightly  

*Homework Packet Due on Fridays

*Encourage students to complete bonuses and practice spelling independently